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Writing Blockbusters with Oren Uziel and 22 Jump Street


22 Jump Street (with the trailer) is shared by writer Oren Uziel, who talks about Writing Blockbusters MEN IN BLACK 4, SHIMMER LAKE, KITCHEN SINK, and how he made his entrance into the world of writing blockbuster movies. The writing process, and how to break into Hollywood is discussed in this uncensored interview with The Insiders, hosted by Sebastian Twardosz.

Continue watching episodes of The Insiders to learn more about Writing Blockbusters from several of Hollywoods finest.


After studying law at NYU, Oren Uziel wrote his first script SHIMMER LAKE which won the script competition at the Austin Film Festival in 2009. SHIMMER LAKE went on the black list and was optioned by Sony Pictures. Uziel followed this success with KITCHEN SINK starring Bob Odenkirk, Joan Cusak, Patton Oswalt and Denis leary. The movie will be released by SONY in January. Uziel also wrote the summer hit 22 JUMP STREET and is currently writing MEN IN BLACK 4. He also just sold a spec to Matt Damon, co-written by John Kransinski.


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