The Sundance Film Festival with Director of Programming Trevor Groth

  With the Sundance Film Festival just around the corner, Director of Programming Trevor Groth provides a historical perspective of this world class festival, which has produced a host of talented indie directors who went on to much bigger and better things. “It didn’t always happen – Bryan Singer was maybe the first,

SXSW with Festival Producer and Senior Programmer Jarod Neece

  South by Southwest Producer and Senior Programmer Jarod Neece talks about the SXSW which features a wide range of activities and performances covering the interactive, film and music worlds. Neece explains that SXSW started out at as a way for local bars and clubs in Austin to program special music events in a bid to attract

IndieGoGo Crowdfunding with Head of Film Marc Hofstatter

IndieGoGo, crowdfunding, and raising money for films is discussed with Marc Hofstatter, the Head of Film for the popular crowdfunding website. Tips for making your campaign successful are explored in this Insiders full length interview. GUEST BIO: A veteran of the film industry for fifteen years, Marc Hofstatter leads film and digital

Your Directors Statement

The best directors statements reveal your personal connection to your film. Why did you chose to make this film?  Is there anything in your personal life that parallels the characters or story in your film? The directors statement will also provide the foundation for the publicity your film will generate once it

Top 25 Film Schools

Here's my list of some of the best film schools...  Godspeed! American Film Institute  (AFI) Beijing Film Academy Boston University  (BU) Cal Arts  (for Animation) Cal State Northridge  (CSUN) Carnegie Mellon University  (CMU) Chapman University Columbia University Emerson College Florida State University  (FSU) Iowa Writers Workshop La Femis  (Paris) London Film School Loyola Marymount University  (LMU) National University  (NU) New York University  (NYU) Northwestern University Pepperdine University School of

Producing and Selling Your Films with Sebastian Twardosz

Welcome back to Business of Film, Producing and Selling Your Films.  Sebastian Twardosz worked his way up in Hollywood the good old fashion way. From assisting Paula Wagner and Tom Cruise in their heyday to producing and selling feature films. Sebastian has worked in film and television for the past seventeen years.

Are You Good In A Room?

Want insight into the world of film distribution? Indie filmmakers, writers, directors, and producers often want to get distribution for their movies, but struggle with how to make it happen. Sebastian Twardosz is a film distribution executive who works at Circus Road Films. He also interviews Hollywood screenwriters and executives on the new

Behind the Mind-Blowing Visual Effects of INTERSTELLAR and Future of Virtual Reality Films

    Filmmaker and visual effects expert Matthew Gratzner discusses his work utilizing innovative practical effects techniques on Interstellar, and also explores the next cutting-edge technology on the cinema horizon – full virtual reality movies. Gratzner begins by outlining the differences between practical effects vs. digital computer-generated imagery (CGI). When digital effects started to become relevant, he says