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Behind the Mind-Blowing Visual Effects of INTERSTELLAR and Future of Virtual Reality Films

    Filmmaker and visual effects expert Matthew Gratzner discusses his work utilizing innovative practical effects techniques on Interstellar, and also explores the next cutting-edge technology on the cinema horizon – full virtual reality movies. Gratzner begins by outlining the differences between practical effects vs. digital computer-generated imagery (CGI). When digital effects started to become relevant, he says

Writing Blockbusters with Oren Uziel and 22 Jump Street

WRITING BLOCKBUSTERS 22 Jump Street (with the trailer) is shared by writer Oren Uziel, who talks about Writing Blockbusters MEN IN BLACK 4, SHIMMER LAKE, KITCHEN SINK, and how he made his entrance into the world of writing blockbuster movies. The writing process, and how to break into Hollywood is discussed

Animation and How To Train Your Dragon 2 with Dean DeBlois

LEARN ABOUT ANIMATION   Dean DeBlois discusses Animation and two entertaining examples, How To Train Your Dragon and How To Train Your Dragon 2.  Dean is writer and co-director and talks about the making of the hit films, working with Roger Deakins, and what is in store for How To Train Your Dragon

SAW Writers Patrick Melton & Marcus Dunstan Talk Horror, PROJECT GREENLIGHT & New Film RISE

      Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan -writers of Saw IV, Saw V and Saw VI – discuss working in the horror genre, plus their beginnings with Project Greenlight and their new sci-fi robot film Rise. They described the upcoming Rise as the story of a robot uprising, from the robot’s point of view, and

Zak Penn on the Avengers, Action Movies, and Atari Games

    The Avengers writer Zak Penn joins the Insiders to talk about writing action blockbusters, and his documentary Atari: Game Over. Writing for the MarvelUNIVERSE, his work on The Incredible Hulk, The Last Action Hero, Suspect Zero, and his ongoing collaborations with the brilliant Werner Herzog are shared. How to write