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The Sundance Film Festival with Director of Programming Trevor Groth

  With the Sundance Film Festival just around the corner, Director of Programming Trevor Groth provides a historical perspective of this world class festival, which has produced a host of talented indie directors who went on to much bigger and better things. “It didn’t always happen – Bryan Singer was maybe the first,

SXSW with Festival Producer and Senior Programmer Jarod Neece

  South by Southwest Producer and Senior Programmer Jarod Neece talks about the SXSW which features a wide range of activities and performances covering the interactive, film and music worlds. Neece explains that SXSW started out at as a way for local bars and clubs in Austin to program special music events in a bid to attract

IndieGoGo Crowdfunding with Head of Film Marc Hofstatter

IndieGoGo, crowdfunding, and raising money for films is discussed with Marc Hofstatter, the Head of Film for the popular crowdfunding website. Tips for making your campaign successful are explored in this Insiders full length interview. GUEST BIO: A veteran of the film industry for fifteen years, Marc Hofstatter leads film and digital