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MACHETE Writer Alvaro Rodriguez on Taking a Fake Trailer to Box Office Success

      Screenwriter Alvaro Rodriguez discusses his bloody action thriller Machete, as well as his early collaborations with El Mariachi filmmaker Robert Rodriguez and writing the current TV series From Dusk Till Dawn, which is based on Rodriguez’s 1996 action film of the same name. Alvaro says his new series – which aired

Horror Writer Gregg Bishop Talks About Creating THE OTHER SIDE and the Upcoming V/H/S VIRAL

Writer/director Gregg Bishop talks about his latest project, a segment for the food footage horror film V/H/S Viral, as well as directing Dance of the Dead and The Other Side. “It’s about a magician’s assistant who discovers that the magician she works for has been dabbling in black magic,” Bishop says

STEP UP ALL IN Writer John Swetnam on How to Sell Blockbuster Specs

    Screenwriter John Swetnam talks about breaking into Hollywood and successfully selling several spec scripts before being brought on to pen the latestINSTALLMENT in the half-billion dollar dance movie franchise, Step Up All In. Swetnam said he was a fan of the Step Up series even before he was brought on and

Writer Karl Gajdusek on OBLIVION and How THE NOVEMBER MAN Almost Didn’t Happen

Screenwriter Karl Gajdusek talks about writing big-budget flicks including the Tom Cruise action film Oblivion, and shares behind-the-scenes details about Pierce Brosnan’s The November Man, which he reveals almost didn’t make it to the big screen. Gajdusek says he envisioned a spectacular $100 million movie when he first read the story

Reckless Tortuga’s Jason Schnell on Conquering YouTube and His New Film BAD ROOMIES

One of the masterminds behind the widely popular YouTube channel Reckless Tortuga, Jason Schnell talks about creating hilarious shows like Psycho Girlfriend and The Online Gamer and reveals some secrets for achieving online video success. Jason explains how the channel was born in a modest way about seven years ago when he teamed

LET’S BE COPS and THE GIRL NEXT DOOR with Director Luke Greenfield

As his latest comedy Let’s Be Cops enjoys huge box office success, director Luke Greenfield reveals how a past run-in with the law inspired the movie and he recounts how a “miracle” letter from Steven Spielberg helped shaped his career. Greenfield said the idea for Let’s Be Cops came out of

Writer Richard Wenk On The EQUALIZER 2014 w/ Trailer and a Career Retrospective

  THE EQUALIZER 2014 writer Richard Wenk shares the upcoming film’s trailer and talks about working with Denzel Washington, Chloë Grace Moretz and Antoine Fuqua. He also gives a retrospective of his career as a screenwriter including working with and learning from great filmmakers like John Huston and Francis Ford Coppola

Writer Noah Oppenheim MAZE RUNNER-Trailer and Explanation

  THE MAZE RUNNER writer Noah Oppenheim shares the film’s trailer and gives us a behind the scenes understanding of screenplay writing, and how he transitioned from television to the big screen. We look at footage from RUIN, a short film directed by Wes Ball, and discuss his experience on Wall

Hollywood Essential Legal Tools for Writers and Content Creators

  Entertainment attorney Elsa Ramo covers all relevant and Hollywood essential legal tools to help Hollywood hopefuls succeed, including tips on how to avoid idea theft, handle negotiations regarding copyrights and public domain, optioning books or articles and obtaining life rights to intellectual property. “From my side of the table, it’s always

Writer Max Borenstein discusses Godzilla 2014

Writer Max Borenstein discusses Godzilla 2014

      Writer Max Borenstein discusses Godzilla 2014 Godzilla 2014 is shared with the official trailer and behind the scenes information on Bryan Cranston and Ken Watanabe, courtesy of screenplay writer Max Borenstein in this uncensored interview. Writing the blockbuster film, his earlier experience during film school and cinema background, plus how Borenstein broke