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Are You Good In A Room?

Want insight into the world of film distribution? Indie filmmakers, writers, directors, and producers often want to get distribution for their movies, but struggle with how to make it happen. Sebastian Twardosz is a film distribution executive who works at Circus Road Films. He also interviews Hollywood screenwriters and executives on the new

THE TAKING OF DEBORAH LOGAN and Nasty Horror Stories with Adam Robitel

  Actor/director Adam Robitel discusses his upcoming film The Taking of Deborah Logan and his experiences working in the horror genre. “It’s a medical documentary gone wrong, is the way I describe it,” he says of his new movie, which deals with the subject of dementia. “It’s ultimately a possession film wrapped in a completely grounded

Writing Blockbusters with Oren Uziel and 22 Jump Street

WRITING BLOCKBUSTERS 22 Jump Street (with the trailer) is shared by writer Oren Uziel, who talks about Writing Blockbusters MEN IN BLACK 4, SHIMMER LAKE, KITCHEN SINK, and how he made his entrance into the world of writing blockbuster movies. The writing process, and how to break into Hollywood is discussed

Snow White and the Huntsman & TMNT Reboot Writer Evan Daugherty

Snow White and the Huntsman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Divergent and Killing Season writer Evan Daugherty shares his experience in Hollywood–from film school to major motion pictureDEALS and becoming an “overnight sensation” with his adaptation of the Disney classic. Myths and lies they tell you in film school are all