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Film Festival Submissions:  Get In & Get Recognized

There are hundreds of film festivals, dozens of film distributors, and countless viewers ready to discover someone new—you.

Did you know film festivals can play a critical role in the success of your film?  They can help you get recognized by not only distributors but also managers and agents.  Think of your film as a vehicle for your career.  The road to success begins with film festivals.

Film Festival Submissions:  Getting It Right

When is the best time to finish your film and submit it to film festivals?  July.  That’s when festivals like Palm Springs, Slamdance and Sundance open their submissions.  These are the three major festivals that start the calendar year every January.  So if you complete your film by July then you can start submitting to all of the following year’s festivals starting with the ones in January.

Does your film have to be finished?  My advice is to have picture lock.  The sound mix, color correction, and the rest of your post-production can come later.  I’ve also seen fine cuts go the distance and eventually get accepted.  But do not send a rough cut.  So no WWII footage cut into your space opera!

If you’re hoping for Sundance, then please be sure to also submit to the festivals around it—like Palm Springs and Slamdance but also Santa Barbara which is at the top of February.  Did you know Chris Nolan’s first film premiered at Slamdance?

Here’s a really handy Film Festival Submissions Calendar.  You’re welcome!

Film Festivals:  Meet the Programmers

Please click on the links below to see interviews with the programmers.  If you have any questions about your film then please contact me.

Sundance with Director of Programming Trevor Groth

SXSW with Festival Producer and Senior Programmer Jarod Neece

NewFilmmakersLA with Executive Director and Co-Founder Larry Laboe

Ambulante California with Directors of Programming Christine Davila and Elena Fortes

Film Festivals:  Contact Me

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