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Horror Writer Gregg Bishop Talks About Creating THE OTHER SIDE and the Upcoming V/H/S VIRAL

Writer/director Gregg Bishop talks about his latest project, a segment for the food footage horror film V/H/S Viral, as well as directing Dance of the Dead and The Other Side. “It’s about a magician’s assistant who discovers that the magician she works for has been dabbling in black magic,” Bishop says

Inside the Golden Globe Nominated Comedy TRANSPARENT with Producer Rick Rosenthal

Producer/Director Rick Rosenthal previews his new Golden Globe-nominated comedy series Transparent and discusses some of his past successes including Halloween II and discovering Sean Penn at the beginning of his career for the 1983 drama Bad Boys. “It’s about a dysfunctional family, and that’s why everybody in America is watching it,

THE TAKING OF DEBORAH LOGAN and Nasty Horror Stories with Adam Robitel

  Actor/director Adam Robitel discusses his upcoming film The Taking of Deborah Logan and his experiences working in the horror genre. “It’s a medical documentary gone wrong, is the way I describe it,” he says of his new movie, which deals with the subject of dementia. “It’s ultimately a possession film wrapped in a completely grounded

Reckless Tortuga’s Jason Schnell on Conquering YouTube and His New Film BAD ROOMIES

One of the masterminds behind the widely popular YouTube channel Reckless Tortuga, Jason Schnell talks about creating hilarious shows like Psycho Girlfriend and The Online Gamer and reveals some secrets for achieving online video success. Jason explains how the channel was born in a modest way about seven years ago when he teamed

Blending Comedy and Horror with BLOODSUCKING BASTARDS Director Brian James O’Connell

Filmmaker Brian James O’Connell discusses his new indie horror comedy Bloodsucking Bastards and also shares his experiences with improv comedy and breaking into into Hollywood. The movie stars Stars Fran Kranz (The Cabin in the Woods) and Pedro Pascal (Game of Thrones), as well as the members of O’Connell’s comedy troupe

THE JUDGE with Director David Dobkin

We’re showcasing the trailer and providing a preview of the upcoming Robert Downey Jr. drama ‘The Judge’ with writer/director David Dobkin. In the movie, Downey Jr. plays a big city lawyer who returns to his childhood home where his father, a judge in the town, is suspected of murder. His character