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    Our Film Distribution Seminar: How the Film Distribution Business Really Works is now up!

  2. Cash flow, cash flow, cash flow! Been working on a new in-depth video series to on how to do a film cash flow.

  3. You asked for it! - Our distribution seminar is finally here - 4-part video series -

  4. Hello! Back from the grave we are...and we have treats! Delicious treats....

  5. Can't compare global box office to where 25% came from China.

  6. Why I think is a Netflix Success -

  7. Help make it happen for DUMB LUCK: own a frame of this film for $5! on

    , , and 2 others
  8. It is great! I was on it once

  9. Catch the end of our Roberto Schaefer interview to learn some inside tricks about

  10. Schaefer. Roberto Schaefer. See how this cinematographer chose to light everybody's favourite British secret agent ...

  11. The Ads for seat sales are so misleading! What if I want to fly sooner than 21 days from now?!

  12. From to , listen in on Roberto Schaefer's favourite films with director :

  13. Join us for Part 1 of our interview with the superbly talented Roberto Schaefer:

  14. "In photography and in art in general, I think elegance is simplicity." -Berenice Eveno

    • @planbster

      Publicist/social media consultant working in food and consumer tech. Italophile who is still trying to perfect her language skills. Real estate enthusiast.

  15. Shooting a group of masked women running around topless in NYC? Child's play for Berenice Eveno

  16. Part 2 with Roberto Schaefer! He breaks down his choices on and

  17. Dynamic cinematographer Roberto Schaefer speaks on no budgets and multi-million dollar ones.

  18. Berenice Eveno's cinematography blends beauty with darkness. htttp://

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